My visual diary during the global Covid-19 pandemic, being in lockdown in Budapest, Hungary.


My stuff was already packed. I was just about to move to a new apartment in London. A few days before we were joking about people taking this whole thing too seriously. Now the Hungarian government is closing down the borders. I already had a plane ticket for the Easter Holiday but that might be too late. I was wondering if this is really happening. I think I still am. The first two weeks just melt into a long, sticky blob of time. I read online that I should set up a routine. So I did. The blob turned into limbo, and I was doing the exact same things every day not really knowing the date or the time but continuing anyway... Waiting for someone to tell me I can stop.

March 2020 - ongoing?

Exhibited at:

International Center of Photography - ICP Concerned. New York, 2020

University of the Arts London, online postgraduate showcase. London, 2020


LensCulture Home Awards, editor's pick, 2021

Body Talk zine, 2021

Aesthetica Magazine: Nocturnal explorations, 2020, 2020, 2020